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Bhangra Tandoori Mix 2014

DJ Sandbag - Bhangra Tandoori Cover Art
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DJ Sandbag - Bhangra Tandoori Mix 2014

We Doin it Big DESI MIX - DJ Nav UDN
It Comes in Waves - Dubvirus
Sequor - Sync24
Bodhi Mandala (Drumspyder Remix) - Desert Dwellers
Dil Diwana - Manak-E
Around the Clock ft. Rasco - DJ Sol Rising
Swaggered (Mr. Bill Remix) - Kalya Scintilla
Par Laga Dhey Veh - Nindy Kaur
Roll It Gasolina (Switchin’ My Beats) - DJ Preet
Eggplantation - ill.gates
Oh Preeti - RDB
Sleaze Me - Vibesquad
Pulling of the Tide - Jef Stott
Flying Carpet (Adham Shaikh Remix) - David Starfire
Akhian - Nindy Kaur & DJ Shadow
Barrage - Sub Swara
Yaari - RDB
Pyaar Ka Pujari - DJ Envy & DJ Rahul & DJ Bass Master
Indu - Abakus
Mahamrityunjaya Mantra - Rattan Mohan Sharma & Chorus
Deeper - Grouch

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Recorded with Traktor on iPad with the Z1 controller, no post editing.
Cover art concept and layout by Sandbag.

Boomtown, May 24-27, 2013

DJ Sandbag plays on Sunday at Steampunk Saloon.


Facebook Event page

Memorial Day Weekend 2013
May 24,25,26,27
20 minutes north of LA
near Vasquez Rocks

$99 tickets available through Kickstarter until May 5th

$150-$200 tickets available via beTIcketing after May 5th. Presale Link:

BOOMTOWN is an 1880s themed three-day arts, eco-education, and vintage perfomer event in Aqua Dulce, on a private 230 acre meadow, surrounded by hills.

The campout will host science lectures, sustainable living displays and classes, a narrated lunar eclipse viewing, handmade clothing creators, and vintage performers, including magicians and vaudeville acts.

Various attractions during the weekend:

An 1880s Tent. Inside is a 70-year-old bar tender, dressed in steampunk clothes. He serves root beer and lemonade. To the left is the cabinet of curiosities - glittery treasures from all parts of the world. A saber tooth tiger skull, maps to forgotten lands, writing desks, quill pens, brass telescopes.

Pop Hayden from The Magic Castle will do a historical magic show
New Fangled Opry- Vaudville variety Show
Skinny DeVille's Speakeasy- a Dieselpunk Show
Music will include a very special daytime workshop,
followed by a nighttime performance by
The Crystal Method (DJ performance)
Vapor- With his magical illuminated Kinestescope art
Le Sirenes- performance troupe
And many other acoustic and performance acts.

This area will be a 20' dome next to the Museum of Extraordinary Wonder. The Green Grotto will feature displays of tower gardens, recycling techniques, composting techniques, books on urban gardening, apartment gardening, and many displays. Lecturers will speak of communal village gardens, modern ecological events, sustainable living Q & As, and outreach programs that Green Wave promotes and supports around the globe.

The Opulent Temple creates a playground for connection with the Eternal through music. This stage features a Jules Verne inspired metal pod with small fire effects that serves as the stage for musicians. There will also be other forms of light art and metal sculpture to enjoy.

At the center of the Opulent Temple, community experience is the concept of a "Master Class". World class musicians who remember their early roots are invited to perform.

These musicians have writen their own music and will give lectures during the day on modern computer composition techniques. At night, they will entertain the dancers with their music. Select people from the daytime lectures will be invited up into the music capsule to watch the performers work their midi controllers and laptops.

MAKERS MARKET - This area features handcrafted 1880s apparel, jewelry, top hats, women's ballroom gowns, and period props. Every vendor hand makes their own wares. This area creates a community of grass roots vendors. By bringing all of these small buisness creators together and placing them in a marketplace at a festival that features 1880s style fashion, we will be supporting their beautiful art.

The Performers for the Steampunk Saloon:
The Crystal Method (DJ set)
David Starfire
Desert Dwellers (solo set)
Alex Zelenka
Auditory Canvas
DJ Wolfie
Treavor Moontribe

2-Headed Monster-Little Giants-Tropo
Mark Zabala-Mike Insane
Pop Hayden Magic Show-Loomer
The Invisibles-Matt Cole-Fleetwood Smack
Hawk-Jaques the Ripper
Kat Perry-Jokton-BK Willy-Will Levine

Our perfomers for the Opulent Temple:
DJ Dan
DJ Rap

And the residents:
Syd Gris-Tek Freaks - Dutch -Vinkalmann-
-Drew Drop-Dulce Vita-DJ Icon- Brian Peek
Billy Seal-Billy Casazza- Brian Williams
-Mike Butler- Eliki-The Quadrobe - Kimba
and more guests tba.

After years of small gatherings, we have a vision to bring all of these similar groups together and let the steampunk musicians mix with the astronomers, the rocket scientists, and the eco-awareness educators.

We are very excited to bring our steampunk community together. We feel deeply in our hearts that this event will fulfill a greater purpose than just a weekend campout. This weekend will serve to educate, to illuminate, to include people with diverse ideas, and to see the spark of new possibilites for the earth, for fashion, and for music light up in the eyes of our attendees.


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Drumspyder, DJ Sandbag & Cranberry, Shimmy Sisters - May 31, 2013

Kava Lounge
2812 Kettner Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 543-0933‎

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San Diego DanceJam presents Dj Sandbag & Frank Lazzaro - June 28, 2013

San Diego DanceJam Revival
===== presents ======
Dj Sandbag & Frank Lazzaro
Eveoke Dance Theatre
2811 University Avenue, S.D.
Facebook event page

DanceJam is a freestyle ecstatic dance event. Join us in a safe, Sacred Space to explore movement & music all-ages; a smoke, alcohol & judgement-free environment and healthy snacks provided by Three Treasures Tonic Elixir Bar.

Contact Improv Class 7:45-8:45pm
DanceJam 9:00 – 11:00pm

sliding scale: $10-$20 dancejam only
$15 class/$20 for both

Three Treasures Tonic Elixir Bar will be evoking our Essence, Vitality and Spirit with his heart crafted wholesome offerings.

Michael Paul is a certified herbalist who has found a passion of incorporating superfoods and tonic herbs into delicious elixirs and whole food treats. Mike has always been a man in the kitchen, from managing delis to juicing organic foods to creating his own raw gourmet meals, and he loves to expand and share his knowledge of plant foods and their benefits to all of us. He has combined his years of culinary experience with his love of herbs, nutrition, raw foods, superfoods, and chocolatiering to create a mobile elixir bar, Three Treasures Tonic Elixir Bar. He also doe consultations and teaches private and group classes for crafting raw chocolates and superfood desserts.

Find out more about Michael Paul at ♥

San Diego DanceJam Revival is a non-profit community event produced by:
The Whole Being Weekend and San Diego DanceJam -
Sarva Dharma Productions

Sacred Spaces is a diverse international inter-faith visionary community of artists, activists and mystics seeking to improve the collective intelligence of humanity. We provide grounded, heart-centered sacred spaces for individuals to heal, learn/teach, create art,and transform themselves and the world.

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Dreamcatcher Mix

Download this mix from Soundcloud.

Dreamcatcher - DJ Sandbag by Sandbag

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